The Journey
Tivon 2 favoriteI’m Tivon Rivers, former US Navy technician, clean energy researcher and co-founder of ‘Vbration’. Like billions of people across the planet, I have suffered the negative effects of EMF. That is why our work at Vbration is all about you raising your vibrational frequency during these troubled times on planet Earth and helping you to protect yourselves. I’m so passionate about this amazing technology discovered by Dr Wilhelm Reich that I have been personally researching for over two years.


The Science
pH testThis pendant (embossed with the powerful and sacred flower of life) is based on technology that will help clear your environment of the harmful effects of EMF. We have manufactured each pendant from quartz, shungite, brass, iron oxide, and steel powders: encased in an epoxy resin.

Orgone is just another word for what is also known as “Prana”, “Qi”, “Akasha” or “Ether”. The existence of a universal life-force energy which permeates all of nature had long been accepted until the 19th century when scientists tried to disprove its existence.

A pioneer into researching this was Dr Wilhelm Reich (1897 – 1957), the Austrian psychiatrist who first coined the term orgone, and his research into orgone energy paved the way for others to follow.

Reich used a galvanometer to discover that our skin has a charge when we are in pleasurable situations, and he initially called this phenomenon bioelectric energy. Later on, he discovered globules of energy that he called bions. These globules gave off a kind of radiation which charged nearby objects. He later found that this radiation was the same bioelectric energy that he had discovered earlier, and he termed it orgone.

Reich constructed the first orgone accumulator, also known as an ORAC. It consisted of alternating layers of organic and inorganic material (in chemistry, “organic” refers to any carbon-based material). It was intended to produce a strong concentration of positive orgone energy, which would have a healing effect. Reich conducted experiments with an ORAC box using mice that had cancer. He kept both healthy mice and mice with cancer in the box and compared them to a control group, and found that even the mice with cancer had longer life spans than the mice in the control group that were not kept in the ORAC box.

He later went on to treating human patients who had cancer and other ailments. He also produced the first cloudbuster, a device made out of hollow pipes which he believed was able to draw deadly orgone energy out of the atmosphere. He also used it to control weather – as deadly orgone energy is removed, weather patterns become more balanced, which means that cloudbusters can either dissipate clouds or trigger rain, depending on what is needed in that particular environment.

Unfortunately, Reich was imprisoned after the American FDA had him arrested for the unauthorised sale of his ORACs. Much of his research was destroyed by the FDA, and Reich died in prison in 1957.

The Benefits
1. It helps to Protect your body from harmful EMFs
2. Aids in wellness and relaxation
3. Made from a unique quartz shungite metal powder blended formula
4. It has a powerful negative ion emitter
5. It harmonises your energy fields
6. Helps to clear your environment of chemtrails